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Badger Lab Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the SaaS model?

Your instance of the Badger software can be managed by us in the cloud (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud - EC2). You do not need to purchase server hardware, and you do not need local system administration expertise. This makes your costs predictable, and eliminates upgrade headaches. Your instance can be configured and supported by people whose main job is configuring and supporting Badger instances.

Aren't there disadvantages to the SaaS model? What about speed?

It is common for our prospective customers to worry that there will be additional latency using a cloud instance instead of local hardware and software. After we demonstrate the performance, concerns about latency disappear from our conversations with prospective customers. We deployed an instance to the Amazon East Coast Cloud location for a lab in Connecticut and their lab director describes response time as "instantaneous".

How big a commitment do I have to make before I can see Badger working with my laboratory's unique requirements?

Our deployment strategy is to create and configure a test instance and then verify that the application functions to your specifications before moving forward. At that point we could ship out interlocks and prepare for a production instance. In general, no commitment or payment is required until you are convinced that the application will meet your needs.