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Badger Lab Management System

The Badger application is a robust and flexible application that can support multiple labs while embodying diverse strategies for equipment reservations, equipment rates, runtime data and member access control.


Badger Lab Management Software allows the implementation of extensively customized lab operational parameters. Complex reservation strategies can be embodied within the xml-specified, rule-based reservation engine, resulting in efficient and equitable equipment resource utilization. Runtime data can be flexibly defined, captured and manipulated to provide process-related research information. Equipment usage rates and related runtime costs can be combined with staff consulting, training and other charges on a per-device basis. These may be rolled into monthly billings that include subscription fees and inventory charges. All cost data may be subject to lab-specific rules such as expense caps based on volume usage within a lab or by groups of equipment. Finally, automated cost recovery data can be uploaded to university financials. We can provide online account validation where supported by the institution.

High Performance

System status information is available on a real-time basis. Equipment status is graphically displayed as are lab members' currently-enabled equipment. Updates to reservation activities, historical usage information, staff charges and inventory status are pushed to active client sessions. Actions of interest, such as changes in equipment status and maintenance activities may also be disseminated via user-defined mailing lists on a per-device basis. IP-addressable equipment interlocks ensure accurate capture of equipment utilization time and serve as a positive access control system resulting in enhanced security and automatic enforcement of training requirements.


Since the first release of Badger's predecessor product in January of 2000, new versions have been released regularly, incorporating new features and keeping the technology up to date. Java was used from the beginning, and as the language has evolved, Badger has evolved along with it. Recently this proven lab management software has become available using the SaaS model (software as a service). We use the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and the Red Hat Linux operating system. Instances can be located by region, and are unique by site.

Poised for the Future

Building on a mature foundation, development of Badger continues apace. Ask us about some of the features we are planning for the future.
  • Accounting Module (Basic/Fund)
  • Web Services
  • Web Interfaces for Configuration
  • Mobile Access
  • Project Workflow Module

Appealing Interface

Sample Main Screen

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